UX Win: ManageWP Dashboard Log Out

ManageWP admin log out message asking to confirm options

Managing multiple client websites used to be a time-consuming and detailed process for me.

Logging in, checking WordPress core, themes and plugins for updates as well as confirming backups and security were working correctly for each site took time.

When I discovered the online ManageWP website service for client website management, I was thrilled! Now I could manage my clients’ websites easily from one dashboard.

It’s one of my favorite online services!

Their dashboard makes it straightforward for me to check my client websites without having to log in to each site.

I can quickly view the easy-to-understand dashboard for necessary updates, review comments, optimize the site, and get customer support from ManageWP when I need it.

What’s clear to me in the two years I’ve used ManageWP is the care they’ve taken to improve the user experience.

One example is the log out process. Continue reading UX Win: ManageWP Dashboard Log Out

UX Win: Michigan Audubon Society Kirtland’s Warbler Tours

Gray and yellow bird, with white eye-ring, sitting on tree branch

It’s rare that two of my interests, user experience and birdwatching, collide. But they did last weekend, when I decided to go on a Kirtland’s Warbler tour in northern Michigan. Continue reading UX Win: Michigan Audubon Society Kirtland’s Warbler Tours

3 Ways to Improve Customer Service

3 ways to improve customer service

My computer backup application stopped working this week.

It’s an application I use to backup my files to the cloud. A notification message displayed on my monitor, explaining I needed to update their application.

Sure, I can do that. I downloaded their file and tried to update the application.

And that’s when the trouble started. Continue reading 3 Ways to Improve Customer Service