UX Win: Workforce Software Event Page

Workforce Software VISION 2020 LATAM event page detailing event info and registration.

Like many people in 2020, I’ve attended my share of virtual meetings, events, and conferences.

And I’ve had the opportunity to discover a lot of different event pages on the web.

Some online event pages make it easy to learn about an event.

I can quickly review

  • Schedule
  • Speakers
  • Session summaries
  • Dates and times

while other event pages seem to think basic event information should be a scavenger hunt for potential attendees. Continue reading UX Win: Workforce Software Event Page

UX Win: Digital.gov Online Event Confirmation Message

person holding smartphone with conference call app on screen.

When I register for an online event, whether it’s a webinar, online conference, or meetup, I pay close attention to the information in the event confirmation message.


Because of years of receiving confirmation messages which only tell me I’m registered for the event.

And a short message that says I’ll soon receive log in details before the event.

Don’t Make Me Think

With no specific details of the information I need to log in or dial in to the event, I’m left wondering when the event details will be sent.

Will it be sent two days before the event? An hour before the event?

I have no idea. Continue reading UX Win: Digital.gov Online Event Confirmation Message