Getting Ready for a Change, Not a Redesign

A person typing on an open laptop computer.

I’ve been planning to change this website’s appearance and theme for over two years.

But like other designers and developers, my client projects took priority.

And my own site fell down the list of things to get done.

Until August 2020, in the middle of the COVID pandemic, when I finally sat down to plan the changes I wanted to make on my site. Continue reading Getting Ready for a Change, Not a Redesign

Solving Puzzles for Clients

puzzle pieces of green grass, flowers, and blue sky strewn across a wooden table.

As a web designer, I work on a lot of existing websites for clients.

Websites originally created by another developer or designer who hasn’t worked on the site for six months up to three years ago.

Where my new client has

  • Little background on how the site was created
  • Limited information on how design/technical decisions were made
  • No credentials to access the site and/or log in to the web host

I ask a lot of questions to learn about the site and my new client’s business. Continue reading Solving Puzzles for Clients