Quickly Discover Browser and Configuration Settings

configuration settings in a multi-colored grid displaying browser, version, color, operating system, and more config settings.

The urgent message came from one of my contacts at a long-time client.

They were trying to update a website page and the page kept bouncing and jumping around.

Were other people visiting the website seeing the same problem?

I confirmed their page displayed correctly on desktop and mobile when I tried to edit it.

Not sure why my client was encountering problems, I replied back, asking my client to visit another website.

And I quickly learned about my client’s device configuration and what was likely causing the issue. Continue reading Quickly Discover Browser and Configuration Settings

Solving Puzzles for Clients

puzzle pieces of green grass, flowers, and blue sky strewn across a wooden table.

As a web designer, I work on a lot of existing websites for clients.

Websites originally created by another developer or designer who hasn’t worked on the site for six months up to three years ago.

Where my new client has

  • Little background on how the site was created
  • Limited information on how design/technical decisions were made
  • No credentials to access the site and/or log in to the web host

I ask a lot of questions to learn about the site and my new client’s business. Continue reading Solving Puzzles for Clients

On Website Launches, Client Reviews, and WordPress Plugins

yellow sticky notes cover a planning board.

At our West Metro Detroit WordPress meetup last night, Suzanne Seibel gave an excellent talk about what to do before and after you launch your website.

Her presentation centered on using Trello to manage and document her website projects.

She explained how she uses a Trello template to stay on top of website projects.

While her talk focused on launching WordPress sites, many of her tips apply to every website, no matter what application or code is used to create it: Continue reading On Website Launches, Client Reviews, and WordPress Plugins