Greenlawn Landscape Management Website Redesign Launched

I’m happy to announce the launch of the redesigned website for Greenlawn Landscape Management.

Located in Kimball, Michigan, Greenlawn Landscape Management maintains commercial and residential properties in St. Clair County, southern Sanilac County, Macomb County, and the Grosse Pointe area in Michigan.

Why Redesign?

The prior Greenlawn Landscape Management website had not seen a design update for six years.

Which, in terms of the Internet, is a long time.

While the website was visually appealing, there were several items we wanted to address in an updated design, including:

  • Highlighting services on the home page, encouraging website visitors to explore the website further
  • Removing the image slider on the home page
  • Updating plugins to ones that are maintained regularly
  • Removing Twitter from the sidebar, since Greenlawn no longer used Twitter
  • Removing blog posts, since Greenlawn no longer published any posts
  • Updating the site with more current photos, replacing stock photos
  • Using more current development techniques: HTML5 and replacing the outdated Cufón font replacement
  • Updating content to be more focused

Since I had worked on their site for the first time in summer 2017, fixing the site when it was hacked, I was already familiar with the technology used on the site: WordPress, premium theme, and plugins with no ecommerce other than a PayPal button for online payments.

After the hack, we improved the infrastructure and security by moving to a better hosting plan and adding Secure Sockets Layer.

I recommended we consider a redesign when business slowed down in late winter/early spring.

Earlier this year, I spoke with Brian at Greenlawn about the site redesign.

I listened to his comments about the current website and what he thought his customers would like on the site.

Additionally, I offered my thoughts on the redesign and shared my proposal for the project.

He accepted and we moved forward to get the new site designed and launched in spring 2018, before his busy season kicked off.

Goals for the Redesign

For the site redesign, we wanted to make sure the Greenlawn site was easy to use, accessible, and had an attractive design.

In addition, the goals included:

  • Creating a responsive website, where content displayed well on phones, tablets, laptops, and desktop computers
  • Using WordPress, which the prior site used
  • Updating to a different theme, since the WordPress theme they used was no longer maintained
  • Simplify the navigation menu

Redesigning the Site

Since I was familiar with the Greenlawn site, I already knew the site architecture.

Other than removing the blog and the Pay Your Bill page, all the original pages for the site were maintained on the redesigned site.

The menu was streamlined, replacing the drop-down menu with a simpler menu. Internal links would be added on main services pages and on page content.

To ensure the site would display well across devices, the layout of the site changed from a two-column layout to one column.

I added the geographic areas that Greenlawn serves to the top of every page, so potential customers can quickly confirm whether service is available in their area.

banner at top of page displays geographic area and pay your bill button.

And to make it easy for current customers to make online payments, the Pay Your Bill link was added to the top right of every page.

Content on the site was created by a writer who streamlined the existing content. In addition, she highlighted services and wrote content that we could easily add internal links to other site pages (something missing in the previous site).

For the future, Brian is gathering photos and testimonials from customers so we can rotate in new imagery and share additional customer testimonials.

I recommended Brian ask customers to complete Google Reviews after each job that we could use as testimonials on the website. I pointed him to my template for asking for reviews.


Brian at Greenlawn Landscape Management was very pleased with the redesigned site.

I like it! It looks easier to navigate & more modern than our old site. The pictures are both bold & telling.

Though I’ve never met Brian in person, he was a great client to work with. Easy to communicate with him via phone or email and he always was quick with responses to my questions.

It was my pleasure to work with Greenlawn and create a website that showcases their work and landscape management services.

If you’re looking for landscaping help or lawn maintenance services, visit the Greenlawn Landscape Management website.

Website project: WordPress, customized theme, responsive design, CSS animation, plugin audit, content audit, imagery optimization, mobile-friendly user experience.

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