Introducing SEO Snippets from Google Webmasters

Wondering about duplicate content on your site? Or want to learn more about 404 errors?

A new YouTube video series from Google Webmasters aims to answer those questions, as well as other webmaster and search engine optimization (SEO) questions. 

Introducing SEO Snippets Video Series

SEO Snippets is a series of short videos where the Google Webmasters team will answer frequently asked questions they see on the Webmasters Help Forum.

I’m a big fan of their help forum, where I spend time reading about different issues and get answers to my search questions.

But sometimes you just want a quick answer to a specific question.

That’s exactly what these videos do, since they’re focused on one issue.

And because they’re around two minutes long.

Here’s the video introducing the series:

What Will You Find in the Video Series?

As of January 8, 2018, the SEO Snippets series includes six videos, covering many topics including ownership of a Search Console property (I’ve had to do this several times for clients).

Here’s the list of videos:

  1. Welcome to SEO Snippets
  2. Is a crawl-delayed rule ignored by Googlebot?
  3. Do fixed penalties affect SEO?
  4. My site’s template has multiple H1 tags
  5. How do I regain ownership of a Search Console property?
  6. Subdomain or subfolder, which is better for SEO?

Wrapping Up

The short videos are a great way to get your SEO and webmaster questions answered quickly.

In addition to the help provided in the videos, resource links are provided with each video.

Let me know what you think of the SEO Snippets videos. Share your thoughts in the comments.

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