WP Mainline Quietly Relaunches

When I checked my Twitter feed this week, I was pleasantly surprised to learn WP Mainline has quietly relaunched.

Five new posts have been published in the past week, including useful info about:

I am glad to see WP Mainline is back!

What is WP Mainline?

WP Mainline home page.

Launched by Jeff Chandler, who created WP Tavern (one of the best sources for WordPress news), WP Mainline is dedicated to sharing WordPress-related commentary, news, and community.

From the WP Mainline website:

It’s a place where people can gather to build each other up instead of tearing each other down.

Jeff has brought back forums to WP Mainline, something that WP Tavern had in its early days.

Like many things in the past year of COVID, WP Mainline took a break. The last post published before this week is from spring 2020.

A More Personal WordPress News Site

Personally, I’m glad to see WP Mainline is back.

When I started to get more involved with the WordPress community, beyond our local Metro Detroit WordPress meetup group, WP Tavern is where I turned to get news, learn more about WordPress, and discover some of the people working with WordPress.

For me, Jeff’s posts were more personal than other WordPress news sites, sharing his thoughts and ideas.

Similar to the higher ed community, I first met Jeff via Twitter and if I’m remember correctly, only met him in person at a WordCamp.

As I got to know Jeff over the years, I learned we had common interests in gardening, trains, and birds.

Can’t wait to read more WP Mainline posts this year!

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