What Made This Event Planner Smile on a Monday Morning

Since 2007, I’ve worked with a lot of speakers for meetup events, workshops, and conferences.

First-time speakers, seasoned veterans, speakers on panel discussions, internationally-known authors, and remote speakers.

I try to make sure I give speakers all the information they need and expect for a successful talk.

And sometimes, like this month, when I have four different events I’m hosting, I have a lot of checklists.

But no matter how hard I try, there’s always some technical issue that I can’t control at events, like:

  • No wifi
  • The microphone doesn’t work
  • The projector is only showing a black slide
  • Presenter’s laptop crashes

Sometimes you just have to find an alternative.

I know a speaker is well-prepared for any technical issue when I get a response like I did this morning from Seth Alling, our speaker for this month’s Metro Detroit WordPress meetup:

I’m planning on getting there early, so we should be good.

I’ve got my presentation online, and on my computer and on a USB drive. I’ve also got an HDMI port (and cable) on my laptop and a VGA adapter.

Excellent, Seth. Sounds like you’re prepared for everything.

And thank you, you made my morning. See you tonight!

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Deborah Edwards-Onoro helps small businesses, consultants, nonprofits, and higher ed with creative and distinctive websites. Deborah shares her expertise with web design, user experience, and accessibility on her blog, social media, and at meetup events. As organizer of Refresh Detroit, West Metro Detroit WordPress, and Metro Detroit WordPress, she encourages members to share their knowledge and experiences. In her free time, you'll find her birding, shooting photos, reading, or watching tennis.
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