My Harvest Presentation at January 2017 Metro Detroit WordPress

This week I was one of four speakers at our January 2017 Metro Detroit WordPress meetup: Productivity and Workflow Tips.

My presentation focused on using Harvest for my web design business invoicing and time tracking.

I explained what I looked for in an invoicing application, why I chose Harvest, and how it makes my business operations easier.

Here are my presentation slides, in Google Slides format.

Metro Detroit WordPress: Let’s Get Organized

When we planned our January meetup a few months ago, we hoped our members would be interested in sharing their favorite ways to be more productive and get organized.

What better way to kickoff the first Metro Detroit WordPress meetup of the year than to share ways to improve productivity and workflow?

And our members delivered!

In addition to my presentation,

  • Anthony Montalbano shared useful tips and applications in his 5 Getting Started Productivity Hacks (slides on Dropbox)
  • Eric Malcolm demonstrated how Trello helps him manage his projects and time
  • Amit Rathi discussed how he uses the Pomodoro method to manage his time and clean up his room (yes, his room!)

Thanks to notes published by Andy Melichar on his site and Eric Malcolm on the Metro Detroit WordPress site, there are two posts recapping the meetup presentations.

And before I forget, George Hotelling published his Notes from Metro Detroit WordPress Meetup, January 2017.

Our Metro Detroit WordPress members also shared productivity applications they use in the comments on the January 2017 meetup event page.

Our next meetup is our quarterly WordPress Q & A workshop where our members answer each other’s questions about working with WordPress. Hope to see you on Monday, February 13, 2017!

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Deborah Edwards-Onoro helps small businesses, consultants, nonprofits, and higher ed with creative and distinctive websites. Deborah shares her expertise with web design, user experience, and accessibility on her blog, social media, and at meetup events. As organizer of Refresh Detroit, West Metro Detroit WordPress, and Metro Detroit WordPress, she encourages members to share their knowledge and experiences. In her free time, you'll find her birding, shooting photos, reading, or watching tennis.

2 thoughts on “My Harvest Presentation at January 2017 Metro Detroit WordPress”

  1. Wow, FOUR speakers!?!?!?

    We often have a hard time getting ONE speaker. And I don’t get to go to meetups nearly as much as I’d like to because they are all about an hour or so away and I have a very difficult time driving after dark.

    Eventually, I would love to start a meetup up here in the Butler area, as an extension of the Pittsburgh meetup.

  2. Yes, four speakers. We deliberately talked with several people early about the productivity meetup, asking for speakers. Our intent is to have events planned three months in advance. I have lots of ideas for you on getting speakers. In fact, there was an impromptu discussion at WordCamp Columbus with six Meetup organizers, talking about event formats, speakers, etc.

    Understand about driving in the dark. Are there a lot of people in the Butler area that go into Pittsburgh for the meetup? One of the meetups I’ve helped organize started with only three people.

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