15 Helpful Writing Lessons From Successful Authors [Infographic]

hand writing notes in a journal

What better way to improve your writing than learning from successful authors?

Especially when the tips are formatted in bite-sized lessons you can apply to your writing today?

In their 15 Writing Lessons from Successful Authors (and How to Apply Them) infographic, Ivory Research has compiled lessons from successful authors to help you improve your writing.

You’ll find advice from Nobel Prize author Toni Morrison, horror novelist Stephen King, fiction novelist Joyce Carole Oates, and other well-known authors.

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Authory: Online Service to Backup and Share Your Writing

Authory portfolio page showing a two-column grid of articles, each with title, image, date published, and source.

Imagine your excitement when you try out a new online platform that allows you to publish your writing easily.

Without needing to know how to code.

You publish posts and articles regularly, gaining a following for your writing.

A year goes by. Maybe five years.

And you’ve become expert at using the platform, publishing your writing, and interacting with your readers.

Only to wake up one morning to an email message announcing the platform is shutting down.

And there may or may not be a way to export your content.


That happened to me.

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My 10 Most Popular Posts in 2020

10 most popular posts of 2020

There’s one thing I can say about 2020, it’s a year we’re all glad to leave behind.

COVID has taken away our friends, family, and colleagues as we struggle to keep ourselves and our families safe and healthy.

It’s hard to focus as the news highlights more cases and deaths in our hometowns and countries.

With news of COVID vaccines in the past few weeks, many people are finally seeing a light at the end of what we can describe as a terrible, horrible, no-good year.

I am looking forward to a better year in 2021.

Reflecting on my most popular published posts in 2020, readers enjoyed posts about accessibility, technology, and web design as well as posts about virtual work.

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