WordCamp San Diego 2012 Conference: Slideshows

Thanks to the livesteaming from WordCamp San Diego this weekend, I was able to attend their event even though I was 3000+ miles away in Michigan. Great speakers and excellent presentations!

WordCamp San Diego 2012 Conference: Slideshows

I had a great time tweeting (#wcsd) with other attendees and following up with speakers on questions about WordPress. I gained new knowledge about WordPress multisite and client branding, thanks to Andrew Norcross and Brad Williams.

Shoutout to the conference organizers, Dre Armeda and Tony Perez, for all their work organizing WordCamp San Diego; special kudos for the livestream of both developer and end user tracks. 

Speaker Slideshows and Code

If you know of other WordCamp San Diego 2012 slide decks/code I haven’t listed, add them in the comments and I’ll update the list. Thanks!

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