September 6, 2013: Weekly Roundup of Web Development and Design Resources

How to break dance showing shoe silhouettes for movement between steps
It’s Friday and time for another weekly roundup. Each week I gather some of my favorite posts and resources I’ve found during the week to share with you.

This week you’ll learn about using semantic HTML, find out how to create an enterprise UI toolkit, learn six easy tips to test for web accessibility, and hopefully, find additional resources for your web projects.

For those interested in this week’s photo, I saw the break dance instructions on the floor of the Hello Innovation office at this week’s Grow Detroit event. Cool space!

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  • An Introduction to HTML Boilerplate: Learn what HTML5 Boilerplate includes, where to download it and how to get started. Good links to additional resources for media queries, Mobile Boilerplate, snippets, folder structure, and themes.
  • Homeopathic HTML Solutions: Use the right tool for the job. Use semantic HTML to describe content: it adds meaning to content, it’s easier to maintain, and is a sign of quality.

    In order to reap the rewards of clean and semantic markup, you need to think about meaning first and then about code or markup.

Responsive Design

  • An agency workflow for Responsive Web Design: Rian van der Merwe from Elezea discusses how their agency adapted to to include responsive web design in their user-centered workflow. Key takeaways: optimize for touch, support keyboard actions, it’s challenging, but worth it, and the changes benefit all users.
  • Does Your WordPress Site Need to Be Responsive: Austin Gunter of WP Engine focuses on the site owner who has to decide whether their website should be responsive. Gunter explains responsive design, challenges, and performance considerations. He recommends site owners consider use cases, users, budget as well as the different process for developing responsive sites.

User Experience



What I Found Interesting

  • Ultimate Free Toolkit for Internet Web Ninjas: In this amazing list of 500 tools from Design Junction, you’ll find tools for web development, design, SEO, wireframing, CSS, HTML, and more. Use the filter options to select the tools for each category. Definitely a site I recommend for bookmarking.
    Ultimate Free Toolkit showing filter options for search tools
  • 7 Easy Yet Effective Exercises For Bloggers and Developers: These exercises aren’t just for bloggers or developers; they’re for anyone who works on a computer or a desk for long periods of time.
  • Please Stop Complaining About How Busy You Are: Like the author, I’m tired of hearing people say how busy they are. Yes, we’re all busy, not just you. Is it a competition with colleagues, family members and friends?

    For once, I’d like to hear someone brag about their excellent time management skills, rather than complain about how much they can’t get done.

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