October 4, 2013: Weekly Roundup of Web Development and Design Resources

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Each week I highlight some of my favorite posts and resources in my roundup of web design and development resources for CSS, HTML, responsive design, accessibility, WordPress and user experience.

This week’s collection includes an animation about how CSS triangles work, announcement from W3C about including DRM in HTML5, recommendations for improving mobile user experience, and more. Share how you use the resources in the comments, or post resources you’ve found helpful this week.

How was your week? The high point of my week was attending TEDxDetroit 2013 and hearing the inspiring stories of creatives, business people, non-profits, and yes, an 11-year-old girl who plans to become mayor of Detroit. How could I not be optimistic about Detroit’s future?

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Responsive Design

User Experience

  • 6 Mobile Checkout Usability Considerations: What I liked best was the recommendation to use the size of a business card as a guide as you design for the mobile screen; remember that half the screen real estate will be taken up by the keyboard.
  • 10 simple tips for improving mobile form UX: Make mobile ecommerce easier for your customers by aligning labels vertically, using large fields, avoiding optional fields, and simplifying the design.
  • death to innovation: Russell Davies shares his unbelievable story of trying to get online help. His recommendation to companies: rather than spending money on new marketing campaigns and communication solutions, focus on the basics.



What I Found Interesting

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