November 4, 2012: Weekly Roundup of Web Development and Design Resources

Bee landing on marigolds

Bee on fall marigolds, my garden in southeastern Michigan

This week’s collection of resources includes a free tool for quickly testing CSS, mythbusting HTML5, strategies for improving designs to earn trust from customers, and more.

I found several good resources in the first issue of Treehouse Blog online newsletter. If you haven’t tried it yet, give it a try.

Have any of these resources helped you in your projects? Do you find them useful? Let me know, share your thoughts in the comments.



  • Developing HTML5 Apps Jump Start: Free online course from Microsoft to help you learn how to develop apps using HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript. Note: the site says this is a limited offer.
  • HTML5 Mythbusting: Christian Heilmann, principal evangelist at Mozilla for HTML5, discusses severals myths surrounding HTML5, including concerns about performance, monetizing, needing to be online to use HTML5, development environment, and what HTML5 can do that apps can’t do.
  • HTML5: Hype, Substance and Scrutiny: Luke Stevens, author of The Truth About HTML5, gives a brief history of HTML5, discusses what’s good (and bad), and recommends designers and developers become more informed on what the HTML5 specification is all about.
  • Inserting HTML5 Video: In the Creative Cloud update, it’s much easier to insert HTML5 video in Dreamweaver using the Insert panel or the Insert menu, and modifying options in the Property Inspector.

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  • How to Describe Complex Images for Accessibility: My Storify story of DIAGRAM Center’s webinar with Bryan Gould, WGBH National Center for Accessible Media project manager, sharing his tips and advice for describing images, cartoons and illustrations for assistive technology.
  • WAVE5 beta packed with powerful evaluation tools: Released in early October, the new WAVE5 beta provides web developers with an easy way to check the accessibility of a web page. The beta version offers a new sidebar with color-coded summary of errors and alerts as well as the option for developers to go directly to the lines of markup code.
  • Accessibility Camp Toronto: This year’s Accessibility Camp Toronto unconference is Saturday, November 17 at OCAD University in downtown Toronto. The event is free and open to designers, developers, accessibility, usability, information technology and end-users with disabilities communities.
  • Accessing Higher Ground: The Association on Higher Education and Disability’s annual conference Nov. 12-16 is offering livestream track, individual session, and à la carte tickets of this year’s workshops and sessions. Purchasing a livestream ticket will provide access to all recorded sessions, dependent on the sessions included in your track.
  • Why Great Sign Language Interpreters Are So Animated: Last week’s news coverage of superstorm Sandy highlighted how sign language uses body language, head and eyebrow movement, and facial expressions as part of the grammar.

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