May 26, 2013: Weekly Roundup of Web Design and Development Resources

Welcome to the Memorial Day version of the weekly web design and development roundup. In this week’s post, you’ll discover a cool application for visualizing a page’s CSS, find out about accessibility in mobile applications, step back in time to relive the first ten years of WordPress, and more. Let’s go!

Favorite Tweet

My favorite tweet is a humble shoutout for last week’s HighEdWeb Michigan conference which I attended with my higher education colleagues. I had the privilege of joining the planning committee for the conference:


  • What Happened During Live CSS Help with the Experts: One of my favorite series is the live chat “Talk with the Experts” sessions from SitePoint. This week’s chat with CSS designer and web developer Alex Walker included a boatload of questions on styling, some great resources and impressive CSS examples.
  • Visualising CSS selector matches: Normally I don’t include resources that are a couple weeks old, but I couldn’t pass this resource up. Benjamin Benben created an amazing online app that visually shows how CSS interacts with a page. Note: I couldn’t get it to work in Firefox 21, but it works in Chrome.
    screenshot of how CSS interacts with a page
  • Create a Drop Down Menu with Search Box in CSS3 and HTML: This DesignModo post uses prefixfree to manage the various browser versions. Good explanation of the markup and styling required for various browsers, but including responsive considerations would make the post more useful.
  • How to keep up to date on Front-End Technologies: You can’t go wrong with this four-step process for staying current; I discovered new Twitter accounts to follow and resources to add to my toolkit.

Responsive Design

User Experience


  • Accessibility with WordPress: Interested in learning about accessibility in WordPress core, themes and plugins? Check out the recording, transcript and slides from Joe Dolson’s webinar.
  • Accessibility Concerns for Mobile Applications: Slides from Eric Maslowski’s HighEdWeb Michigan presentation on mobile application accessibility in games, which he worked on in association with the International Game Developers Association Accessibility Special Interest group.
  • Defining My Dyslexia: Despite being diagnosed as dyslexic in grade school and not being able to read fluently until the age of 13, Blake Charlton went to Yale, graduated from Stanford University Medical School, and published two fantasy novels. Charlton discusses his dyslexia and recent research that indicates dyslexia may inform spatial reasoning, increase creativity and big-picture thinking.
  • Accessibility Requirements for Internet Browsers: The U.S. Federal Communications Commission (FCC) issues final rule on accessibility requirements for mobile browsers.


What I Found Interesting

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