December 16, 2012: Weekly Roundup of Web Development and Design Resources


  • A Harder-Working Class: Nathan Ford, creative director at Mark Boulton Design, shares techniques for harnessing CSS with “class attribute” selectors.
  • Differences Between CSS2.1 and CSS3+: Thank you Louis Lazaris for compiling this list of the new properties, selectors and values introduced since CSS 2.1.
  • Lining up your backgrounds: Learn how to work with dynamic linear gradients and background properties to create flexible odd-even colored lines as well as manage background scrolling in an overflowing container. I didn’t know about the background-origin property, have you used it?


User Experience

  • UI Parade: Check out this impressive showcase of user interface designs. Buttons, menus, charts, progress bars, user profiles, notifications, and more.
  • For Customer Experience, “Just OK” Is Not OK: As you begin a new project/venture in the new year, ask what works, and what doesn’t in the customer journey.

    What building blocks are we offering to our best customers?

    Camilo La Cruz suggests getting your team together and answering a few of these 10 questions to better understand and improve the end-to-end experience for your customers.

  • Future-proof: Designing for an Ageing Population: On day 15 of the UX Advent Calendar, Ruth Ellison shares simple tips for improving your design for those who are ageing. Suggestions include using large fonts, high contrast, highly visible links, consistent navigation, and avoiding CAPTCHA.
  • Three idioms reveal the truth about university websites: I kept nodding my head as I read Dey Alexanders’s post highlighting the common issues he’s seen on higher education sites. Based on my experience in higher education, all attributable to a lack of a web governance policy.



What I Found Interesting

  • The Web We Lost: Years ago, we were able to freely share information, own our identify, backup a copy of data we shared on third-party sites. Today, not so easy. We’ve abandoned core fundamental values of the social web, says Anil Dash.
  • Holiday Sale at Apress: Get 50% off any Apress book using the discount code “SNOW12” at checkout, good until December 31.
  • Christmas Icon Set: Thank you Smashing Magazine for offering this beautiful Chrismas icon set of ten icons for free. Love the gingerbread man with the scarf!
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