Deborah’s Weekly Roundup of Web Design and Development Resources: August 12, 2012

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Pacific Coast Highway, near Los Angeles, California

You’ll find a helpful online CSS multi-column generator, responsive web design bookmarklet, two-part series on transferring a blog and a scary story of how a well-known technology leader was hacked in this week’s post. Hope you discover some helpful resources.



User Experience

  • 10 Usability Basics To Consider Before Designing The UX: Love the first item in the list: make sure whatever application, website, or system you create allows users to complete their goals. 
  • Qualaroo: Formerly known as KISSinsights, Qaularoo is a free application that allows you to quickly get feedback from customers. Using asynchronous JavaScript code added to your page, the application allows you to ask a question, without bothering a developer. Questions can be asked in 13 languages and you have the ability to target the questions.
  • Designing For Device Orientation: From Portrait To Landscape: Designing for device orientation is challenging, says Avi Itzkovitch. Do you need a device tilting icon? What about an orientation icon? Good discussion in the comments, don’t miss reading them. 
  • How to Use UI Kit’s, Beginners Video Tips: If you’ve bought any DesignModo UI Kits, and needed additional guidance, check out this video of frequently asked questions.
  • Tablet, mobile users expect pages to load within seconds: This study of the behavior and browsing habits of 5,000 people revealed tablet users expect websites to load in three seconds, mobile users expect sites to display in four seconds. What about you?



What I Found Interesting

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