Deborah’s Weekly Links: February 4, 2012

This week’s roundup of resources includes summaries of the annual Interactions conference in Dublin, accessibility updates in the release of Firefox 10, proposals for removing browser prefixes in CSS, and more. Enjoy!


  • * { box-sizing: border-box } FTW: Finally, a way to style boxes that makes sense. You want a box that’s 200px and you don’t want to have to subtract pixels for padding? Yep, you can do it. Thanks to Paul Irish for sharing how to use box-sizing for modern browsers, and including link for fallback support for IE6/7. Check the comments for great discussion.
  • A Proposal to Drop Vendor Prefixes: Tired of bloated stylesheets from all the browser prefixes you need to add? I know I am. Felipe Gomes offers suggestions on how to drop the vendor prefixes. Good discussion in the comments.
  • Star Ratings With Very Little CSS: Chris Coyier offers a way to present star ratings with Unicode, pseudo elements and adjacent siblings.
  • CSS3 3D Transforms in IE10: Time to celebrate! When IE10 is released, 3D transforms will be in Chrome, Safari, Firefox and IE.


  • The Best of Times: Dropped from HTML, and then brought back, Bruce Lawson summarizes the new time element in HTML5, which offers durations along with human and machine readable time.
  • How Lanyrd Uses HTML5 for a Great Mobile Web App: Don’t you hate it when you attend a conference, and you can’t get a data connection? No way to confirm which sessions you want to attend? Read how Lanyrd took advantage of offline caching for their new mobile web app.


  • Responsive Plugin: Not released yet, this plugin written by Marios Lublinksi, has gained a lot of attention from developers and designers who want to make their WordPress sites responsive. It’s not clear whether the plugin will be free or premium. The site has little information about the plugin. At this time (Feb 2012), you can subscribe to the mailing list for updates.
  • Digging Into WordPress 3.3 Update: Updated for versions 3.2 and 3.3, the book has a new look and feel, updated graphics and links, and new bonus versions of the PDF.
  • WordPress Answers (StackExchange): If you haven’t found it already, WordPress Answers is one of the best resources for WordPress developers and administators. And it’s free.
  • Daily Tip: Find WordPress Design Freebies and Resources at Design Curate: Free (over 3000!) and commercial design resources for WordPress developers and designers.


  • New in Accessibility in Firefox 10: Fixes include a whole slew of bugs related to focus reporting, info about the map tag, tables, and more.
  • WCAG Next: After three years of implementing the WCAG 2.0 guidelines, Jared Smith offers his suggestions on changes and improvements to the guidelines.
  • Web Accessibility Testing: Do Automate Testing First: Do automated testing before you do manual, use case or usability testing, says Karl Groves of Deque Systems. Karl recommends you never pay a person to uncover errors that automated testing can find.

User Experience

  • Wireframing in PowerPoint? It Works!: I had no idea how many people used PowerPoint for wireframing until I tweeted this link. Why not use PowerPoint? It provides excellent grouping, aligning and distribution capabilities, as well as dynamic, linear and non-linear interactions.
  • Integrating UX into the Product Backlog: From Boxes and Arrows, an excellent article by Jon Innes on improving user experience in the product backlog. Great matrix and good advice on using the matrix to have informed discussions, prioritize story lines, track progress and set goals for your product or service.
  • Adaptive Images in Responsive Web Design: Christopher Schmitt explores strategies for serving the right optimized image across devices, and offers his own suggestion, based on a twist on the old school “LOWSRC” attribute.

Interaction Design

  • Interactions 2012: Day 1: Thanks to the great staff at Johnny Holland for posting the summary of day 1 keynotes and presentations at the annual Interactions 2012 conference.
  • Interactions 2012: Day 2: Highlights of Day 2 of the Interactions 2012 conference included the keynote by Jonas Löwgren: Exploring, Sketching, Other Designerly Ways of Working , Designing the Mobile Wallet Experience, Core Principles of UX Management, and more.
  • Great UX Debate: Fascinating first person account of the debate at the IxDA Interaction 2012 conference in Dublin by Pete Trainor, one of the panelists. Pete was joined on the panel by Giles Colborne, Abby Covert, Jeff Gothelf, Kieron Leppard, Dave Malouf, Jason Masut, and Andrea Resmini.

What I Found Interesting

  • The Future Belongs to the Curious : Short two-minute video that encourages you to keep listening, pushing to find your passions, and chasing after them.
  • Learn To Program: Have you wanted to learn jQuery? Or are you interested in learning to program with Python? Check out this great collection of online sites, many free, to move your skills beyond HTML and CSS.
  • To-Do Lists Don’t Work: Harvard Business Review is recommending we get rid of our to-do lists, and living in your calendar. According to the author, to-do lists set us up for failure. Do you agree?
  • Beautiful Web Type: Brilliant. A showcase of the best Google fonts. Thanks Nick Denardis for sharing the link on Twitter.
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